Baptism - April 2009

Matthew Abbott's Story...

For those that don’t know me, my name is Matthew Abbott. I am 12 and attend Northgate High School. I am in Year 7, which is the first year of High School.

I have been brought up in a Christian family and have attended church all of my life. My parents are members here at Burlington, as well as my older brother Johnny. My sister Bethany attends Rushmere Christian Fellowship.

I enjoy playing rugby and playing musical instruments. I can play the violin, drums, dijareedoo and bass guitar.

Although I have always sort of believed in God, I wasn’t a Christian. I don’t know why not; I just didn’t have that sort of personal friendship with Him. I knew all about God and who He was sort of thing, but that was as far as it went.

When I was in Year 5 or 6 at school I started going to the 8-11 event on a Thursday night which was held at the Barrington’s. One week Heather Barrington asked us all a question of whether we had asked God about being a Christian.

I thought I had, but I wasn’t sure. I kept thinking about what she had said for a while.
Then a little while later, while at a Christian camp at Keswick, I sat in a room alone still thinking about what Heather had said and asked my dad to come into the room. He prayed with me and I told God that I wanted to become a Christian.

From that moment on, I realised that I was a Christian and my faith was more real. I started praying a lot more and spent more time reading the Bible.

Then when I went to High School, things became a bit harder for a while. I found it a very hard environment to be a Christian. I was bullied and found life hard at times. But I found strength in God. I was able to find some friends at school who attended a Sizewell Camp with me. Since then I have found it a lot easier at school. Although I still have some problems my faith in God helps me.
I enjoy being a member of Burlington, and I feel very much part of the family here. I enjoy worshipping here and I attend the Emerge group on a Wednesday.

I want to use some of my talents of playing instruments for God, which I have started to do by taking part in the Youth Band here, and I also played at the last Gathering.

I used to think that I saw God through a window with the blinds closed. I knew He was there, but couldn’t really see Him. Over time, the blinds gradually opened and I began to see and understand Him more. Now the blinds are fully opened and I can see Him clearly and want Him to be part of my life.

I know some of you are not Christians, but my advice is to just pray and it might change your life for ever.
I also want to say ‘thank you’ to all the people who helped me in the past, including the Bricknell’s, the French’s and the Barrington’s.