Baptisms - Easter 2008

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Tim Thurlow's Story...

My life was quite like a few peoples; you do whatever you like whether it is right or not. But that is in the last now although it has shaped me to who I am now.

I had 3 children before ever getting married. All three boys I love greatly.
I didn't attend church as a child; and I never thought about God I just got on with what I had to do.
I started going to Triangle Church on Dickens Road, about 8 years ago with my ex-wife and stepchildren, occasionally for special events. Then as Max and Bradley also wanted to go, we all went on a weekly basis.
While there, I was asked to do some courses which might help me; so I agreed but didn't think about what the outcome might be. I did the Alpha course, Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored courses. After doing these I started to think that maybe there was something to all this, but wasn’t sure. I always thought it was ok for people to tell me it was true but I was doubtful and needed something to prove to me that it was so.
In 2005, I started to get pain in my knees which gradually got worse by 2006. I had to go to the doctors and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis – an occupational hazard I suppose from being a gardener; from kneeling down most of the time. Basically I was told it would just get worse, and then eventually I would need a replacement knee op. So I just decided to get on with life and bared it with knee supports and taking tablets for the pain.
On Easter Sunday last year, Max and Bradley were baptised and everyone at Triangle Church kept telling me that I should as well, but I was not ready yet.
Then in July 2007 I was watching ‘God TV’ where there was an American preacher, in Israel in the garden of Gethsemane and he was saying ‘Pray out loud to Jesus for healing’ I thought to myself no this won’t work, so I didn’t do anything about it. The next night I was bored again so turned back to ‘God TV’. The same preacher was on; this time by the sea of Galilee saying the same thing, Pray out loud to Jesus for healing. So I decided to give it a try. I prayed to God to heal my knees and guess what – Yes he did heal me and since then I have had no pain at all and needed no medication.
This got me really thinking, yes there is something to it, but I wasn’t ready to commit myself yet.
In August 2007 I went to ‘Faith 07’ at Peterborough. Although this was not really my sort of thing, while worshipping a couple of songs really hit home and made me think. One of which was ‘King of Kings, Majesty’. The words made me think how unworthy I was. This made me feel quite emotional.
During the summer while doing Adrian and Julie’s garden, I had a few chats with Julie about various things, which included saying I had thought about changing to a different church, as I didn’t feel Triangle Church was right for me.
As I knew Simon and Ceri, and also Adrian and Julie, I decided to give Burlington a try at the end of the summer, and when I did it seemed ok.
In November Max and Bradley had their confirmation and that culminated with us leaving Triangle Church and coming here regularly. Now I and the boys have happily settled here at Burlington.
At the beginning of December things started coming together in my life, including my friendship with Katie. We started chatting about Christianity which helped. On December 13th I bought myself a small cross, which at the time I didn’t think much about. That evening as I took it out of the packaging, I had a strange sensation. I read the card that came with it, which was Psalm 23 ‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want’. I went to bed and was overcome with emotion. I held onto the cross all night long and cried continuously with lots of things from my past being sorted out in my head. Things I thought I had dealt with in my past,I obviously hadn't. In the morning I felt very peaceful, so I guess you would say that was one of those ‘God moments’.That morning I decided to commit myself to God. I think that was me letting myself go and admitting I needed outside help; which is one thing I never normally do. I used to ignore stuff;then think it would be ok and just get on with my life as best I could.
On that Sunday I told a few people at church what had happened and that now ‘Yes’ I would believe 100% in Jesus and what he had done for me and that I want to follow Him from now on.
Also after Christmas, in the beginning of January, I hurt my arm while at work and had to take sometime off. After a couple of days I decided to pray over it and then the pain went. I told Katie and she said that was amazing and I should be praising Him.
Now that I have decided to follow Jesus life’s stresses seem less and not as important,I feel more peaceful,my purpose in life has changed and and has new meaning,its getting easier to be more tolerant and forgiving in everyday life; because of my faith.
Since December I have been on the membership course and am at last ready for my Baptism. I hope my life following Jesus will have a new fullness and be more fruitful for me and others.
So Now at last it is the time!!!