Baptisms - March 2008

Letitia Stanford's Story...

My name is Letitia Stanford and since I can remember I’ve always been attending Church and God has been a part of my life. When I was younger I could remember always attending Sunday School in the mornings and than begging my mom to attend Church with her. This is so because I just always wanted to be with my mom, I was a ‘mommy’s girl’. But as I got older and old enough to stop going to Sunday School and I started attending Church services and this time on my own but with my older sister of course, I never fell asleep as I did when I was younger and went with my mom.
But I stayed awake and lessoned to the message being told and to my surprise it made sense and wasn’t some what boring anymore. It was like the message was telling me something, something I didn’t know and since then I continued attending Church services listening to the messages and enjoying the energetic songs song praising God.
And at this time I believe, I became true Christian.
These are the most memorable memories about Church I have, attending it with my family and friends sharing the message of God together . And everyday I become more close to God, in understanding my self better, my purpose and the things I can achieve in life with his help and most of all the help of my family and my Church.
When I came into this country, I then found this church ‘Burlington Baptist Church’ that shared the same relationship with God and with the people within the church, the Church family that I was use to and love. The energetic and joyful songs of praise and the messages being shared about God to everyone in the congregation.
And this is the reasons I would like to become a member of such a loving and caring Church family and because I want to take this step in getting closer to God by Baptism.


Felicia Stanford's Story...

My Story – A Journey to Christ
Listening to others speaks about their journey to Christ, I've always thought that my story is nothing like those. But I've come to understand that each journey is different and unique to that person. The Lord gives us trials to test our faith which in turn makes us stronger in our Belief in Him. Bringing us much closer to our heavenly Father.
Since I can remember my Family and I have always been attending Church, which is a blessing because I came to know about our Lord very young. I knew since then that everything, every little thing I must take to the Lord in Prayer. And I did, and what wonders he has done for me and my family. And for that I am thankful.
I was aware that the Lord is constantly with me, leading me and watching over my family. I can remember a Sunday school song that I loved, don't try to tell me my God is dead because I spoke with him this morning' and How true that is. I always talk to the Lord and he always answers me, in every way his message for me is clear.
When I was 14, I wanted to be baptized. But Mom didn't think I was ready, and even though I didn't want to admit it, she was right. The decision wasn't all mine then and I was being influenced by others. But now I am sure that this is what I want to do, that is the next step to show the world and my Saviour that I am a believer.
When my family and I moved here to Ipswich, we attended another church but it wasn't like Burlington. During that year attending both churches, I found that I didn't talk with Lord as much I used to and when I got my A-level results I realized exactly how much I really needed Him. I put God first again and I noticed how much he started to work in my life.
When we started to coming here regularly, I felt like part of the family just like I did back our old church, the one we attended since babies. Every Sunday, the message seemed to be for me and I like all other times, I enjoyed the songs. I witnessed a baptism that really touch me and instantly I knew that was the next step I needed to take to show the Lord that I am willing to fully devote my life to him. This is why I'm being baptized.
I'd like to share this poem with you because, it's message is true and it has always been with me. Mom gave it to me when I was 10 to recite at my primary school graduation.
Life is a Mixture
Life is a mixture of Sunshine and rain
Laughter and tear drops
Pleasure and pain.
Trumpets and defeats
Losses and gains
High tides and low tides
Mountains and plains
But always in all ways, God's guiding and leading
And he alone knows the things we are most needed
And he sends sorrows and some dreaded afflictions
Be sure that is comes with God's kind benedictions
And we accept these as a gift of his Love for Us
Then we'll be showered with Blessings from
Our Father Above.