Church Centre

Church Centre opening

It is hard to believe that we have officially opened our new Church Centre.

The Church Centre is a sign of God’s great provision
God has provided.  Step by step, little by little, we moved forward trusting in God.  We trusted when planning permission went against us.  We trusted when we didn’t have the money.  We trusted when a VAT ruling seemed to make the build impossible.  We trusted, and God was faithful.  May we never forget.
The Church Centre is a sign of God’s great purpose.  God’s purpose is to reach lost people.  Jesus came to “seek and save what was lost.”  The very raison d’etre of these new facilities is to help us join him in his mission to the world.  We have built a rescue station not a cruise liner.
The Church Centre is a sign of God’s great presence.  The existing church building might give the impression that the church’s best days are over.  The new build alongside the old is a reminder that the community within is anything but dwindling or diminishing, but rather alive and looking to the future.  God is not dead, or locked in a bygone age, but very much with us and changing lives like he always has.
How great is our God!
Grace & peace to you all,