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Murder Mystery Party 2011 – The eternity Oscars

Once again we discovered new things about the young people of eternity.
1-       They can all scrub up fairly well! They don’t normally turn up to church like this.
2-       They all have suspicious minds. It may of taken them a few hours but eventually they found out who the murderer was!
3-       They are all very good actors/Actresses! It was a fantastic night of fun, friends, food and flirting!
We had a fantastic time together with 40 young people. The leaders had a great time too. Fiona Abbott laid on a worthy feast and Sheralee Bloomfield and team made our halls look like the Oscars. Thanks also to Sarah Walker who was the brains behind the operation. A stunning job! Watch out for half term social treats with your eternity groups.
More pictures to follow!