Global Gospel

Teaching Series:  August to November 2010

Have you ever had a hair cut that completely transforms your look?

I had one where good friends literally walked past me, not recognising me at all. Transforming our look is relatively easy but transforming our hearts is a whole different ball game. However, it is one that God specialises in. God’s Gospel completely transforms us. Paul knew this experience personally and writes that Christians are to be called new creations (Galatians 2:20)! New in what way? Well new in attitude, in character, in action, new in priority and that’s just for starters.

However God’s gospel doesn’t just transform individuals; It is far more powerful than that. It has the power to transform families, communities, towns, countries and ultimately the whole world. We read in Acts of the Gospel of God spreading quickly and how it transformed the whole known world at the time.

Together, with the book of Acts as a guide we will be exploring what it means to see God’s Kingdom come all around our broken world today. We live in interesting times where we see glimpses of God’s Kingdom but certainly not it’s fulfilment. We still live in a world of injustice, poverty, greed, pain and brokenness. So, what does God’s Kingdom here on earth actually look like? What does it mean to have a gospel for the whole person and for the whole world? What part do we have to play in the God’s Mission? What can we learn from other Christians around the world? What does it mean to live like Gospel people in our homes, our communities and in this world?

Let’s explore what it means to have a Global Gospel.
It will change our world!

Youth Minister 
The Gospel Threatens and Triumphs The book of Acts is full of challenging situations for the apostles, as their new way of living posed difficult decisions for everyone else
(Reading: Acts 28: 17-31)
Simon Harris 21 Nov 2010
The Gospel needs partnership Mission is not just another church activity, but the active heart of church itself, an can be developed through partnerships between church and front-line missionaries
(Readings: Phil 1:1-11, 2 Cor 8:1-7)
Alan Cutting 14 Nov 2010
The Gospel need pray-ers The early church prayed a lot, and amazing things happened. We should too.
(Reading: Acts 16:16-40)
Claire Earl 07 Nov 2010
The Gospel and the Holy Spirit A call to act, with plenty of examples and an interview with a nurse who visits the Amazon
(Reading: Isaiah 58:3-12)
Claire Earl 31 Oct 2010
The Gospel Needs Missionaries Together with knowing God and growing with God, it is important to understand the need to also go with God
(Readings: Luke 4:14-21, Acts 13:1-3)
Claire Earl 24 Oct 2010
The Gospel transforms the world When Peter was called to speak to gentiles as well as Jews, it opened the Gospel to the whole world
(Reading: Acts 11:1-18)
Alan Cutting 17 Oct 2010
The Gospel transforms communities The Gospel and the writings of Paul describe a way of living that is free to serve
(Reading: Gal 5: 3-6)
Linda Pepper 10 Oct 2010
The Gospel transforms individuals Saul's encounter on the road to Damascus has powerful implications for us all
(Reading: Acts 9:1-22)
Linda Pepper 03 Oct 2010
The Gospel is for All The spread of the gospel in Acts chapter 8
(Reading: Acts 8)
Alan Cutting 26 Sep 2010
The Gospel and the Kingdom of God Inspiring examples, from Simon Barrington's travels with Samaritan's Purse, of the spread of the Gospel and the growth of God's Kingdom.
(Readings: Acts 4:1-21, Acts 28-23-31)
Simon Barrington 19 Sep 2010
The Gospel and a new community The book of Acts describes a community way of living which may seem unfamiliar
(Readings: Acts 2:1-14, Acts 2:40-47)
Alan Cutting 12 Sep 2010
The Gospel Is ... A look at how the book of Acts relates to the four gospels and an introduction to the new series
(Reading: Acts 1)
David Pepper 05 Sep 2010