Heaven's Ten

Main Teaching Theme - Autumn 2008

Does an ancient code have anything to say to a high-tech society? 


An ancient Jewish blessing, expresses the longing in most of us:  “live long & prosper!”  It was a longing for the prosperity of a life lived with purpose, a life that was rich in meaning where we were at one with ourselves, our neighbours, our world and our God.  It was the longing for a life well lived.  Above all the strivings of each day it is this life that we long for too.  But how do we get it? 

 If you have ever played the computer game “The Sims” you will know the challenge of creating an environment where everybody can flourish.  Thirty centuries ago, God gave us the answer.  In ten simple phrases, totalling little more than three hundred words in English, God gave us the secret of “living well.” (Deut 5:29)

Whilst so much has changed since then, the secret to living hasn’t.  Join us week by week to discover that this ancient code has as much as ever to say to our longings for life and prosperity.


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Heaven's Ten (11) "God" Commandment No.1
(Readings: Isaiah 40:6-18, Isaiah 40:28-31)
Revd Simon Harris 30 Nov 2008
Heaven's Ten (10) "Idols" Commandment No.2
(Reading: Exodus 32:1-20)
Heather Marsden 24 Nov 2008
Heaven's Ten (9) "God's Name" Commandment No.3
(Reading: Psalm 96:1-13)
Revd Simon Harris 16 Nov 2008
Heaven's Ten - (8) "Sabbath" Commandment No.4
(Reading: Matthew 12:1-14)
Revd Simon Harris 09 Nov 2008
Heaven's Ten - (7) "Parents" Commandment No.5
(Reading: Proverbs 23:15-25)
Revd Simon Harris 02 Nov 2008
Heaven's Ten - (6) "Murder" Commandment No.6
(Reading: Genesis 4:1-16)
Heather Marsden 26 Oct 2008
Heaven's Ten - (5) "Adultery" Commandment No.7
(Reading: Genesis 2:18-25)
Revd Simon Harris 19 Oct 2008
Heaven's Ten - (4) "Stealing" Commandment No.8
(Reading: Luke 19:1-10)
Revd Simon Harris 05 Oct 2008
Heaven's Ten - (3) "False Testimony" Commandment No.9
(Reading: John 8:12-59)
Revd Simon Harris 21 Sep 2008
Heaven's Ten - (2) "Do not covet" Commandment No.10
(Reading: 1 Timothy 6:3-10)
Heather Marsden 14 Sep 2008
Heaven's Ten (1) Series on The Ten Commandments
(Reading: Exodus 20:1-17)
Revd Simon Harris 07 Sep 2008