Jesus, Last Meal, Final Words 

Sunday Mornings - Lent 2007

Introduction ...
During the 40 days before we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus (the period known as Lent), we are going to listen together to the final words of Jesus.  In the last hours Jesus spends with his disciples, he shares with them his heart.  As they eat together their final meal, he unpacks those things that matter most.  John chapters 13-17 record it all for us, and invite us to listen in and hear for ourselves what the Master had to say.  Do join us week by week, every Sunday at 10.45am and discover Jesus, and his will for you.
The Three "R's" of Real Life Relationship, Revelation, Resurrection
(Readings: John 17:1-9, John 17:20-26)
Revd Simon Harris 08 Apr 2007
Joy What gives you joy?
(Reading: John 16:16-33)
Revd Claire Earl 01 Apr 2007
Joy The world's troubles will come to an end.
The joy of heaven will go on forever.
(Reading: John 16:16-33)
Revd Simon Harris 01 Apr 2007
Endurance Endurance
(Readings: John 15:18-27, John 16:1-4)
Revd Simon Harris 25 Mar 2007
Fruitfulness God has ...
CHOSEN US for things that last for ever
APPOINTED US for lasting significance
(Reading: John 15:1-17)
Revd Simon Harris 18 Mar 2007
Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit is good, necessary and for everyone!
(Reading: John 14:12-31)
Revd Simon Harris 11 Mar 2007
Assurance Assured by Jesus
(Reading: John 14:1-14)
Revd Simon Harris 04 Mar 2007
Salvation Salvation
(Reading: John 13:1-17)
Revd Simon Harris 25 Feb 2007