Joshua - into God's promise 

Sunday Morning Sermon Series - Autumn 2006

Week by week we will travel with the People of God as they leave behind a life of wandering in the desert to enter into the fullness of God’s promise.  Let’s learn from them, and draw upon God’s timeless principles, that we too might leave our aimless wanderings and enter more fully into all that God has for us.
Do join us week by week.
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Joshua - into God's promise Joshua - used by God
(Readings: Numbers 27:12-23, Joshua 24:28-29)
Revd Simon Harris 19 Nov 2006
Joshua - into God's promise "Hidden Stuff"
(Reading: Hebrews 12:1-11)
Revd Simon Harris 05 Nov 2006
Joshua - into God's promise Saved!
(Reading: Joshua 9:1-27)
Revd Simon Harris 15 Oct 2006
Joshua - into God's promise (5) Bringing down strongholds
(Reading: Joshua 6:1-27)
Revd Simon Harris 08 Oct 2006
Joshua - into God's Promise [3] Trouble ahead
(Reading: Joshua 3:1-17)
Revd Simon Harris 17 Sep 2006
Joshua - into God's Promise [2] A new woman
(Reading: Joshua 2:1-24)
Revd Simon Harris 10 Sep 2006
Joshua - into God's Promise [1] The People of God - entering the Promise
(Readings: Joshua 1:1-11, Joshua 1:16-18)
Revd Simon Harris 03 Sep 2006