Burlington - Forthcoming events & Information from 19th January 2018





Friday 19 January 

19:30-21:00 Daniel Fast:   Worship night at Burlington


Saturday 20 January:

10:30 Elevenses, CC (Gnd Floor)


Sunday 21 January:

10:45 Main  Celebration with  Claire Earl

Feet 4 the Street


Monday 22 January:

09:30 - 10:30: Monday Morning Worship (CC Welcome Area)

20:00 A New Song Community Choir – CC (1st Floor)


Tuesday 23 January:

09:30 Tiddlywinks, CC (Gnd Floor)


Wednesday 24 January:

09:45 A Time To Sew, CC (1st Floor)

12:30-13:30 Daniel Fast  - Worship & prayer @ Burlington

14:30 Women’s Fellowship, CC


Thursday 25 January:

19:00 Emerge, Church Halls


Friday 26 January 

19:30-21:00 pm Daniel Fast:  Worship night @ IIC      


Saturday 27 January:

10:30 Elevenses, CC (Gnd Floor)


Sunday 28 January:

11:00  Main Celebration  - Celebration Sunday

Feet 4 the Street


Monday 29 January:

09:30 - 10:00: Monday Morning Worship (CC Welcome Area)


Tuesday 30 January:

09:30 Tiddlywinks, CC (Gnd Floor)


Wednesday 31 January:

09:45 A Time To Sew, CC (1st Floor)


Thursday 1 February:

12:45 Lunch Club, CC (Gnd Floor)

19:00 Emerge, Church Halls


Saturday 3 February:

10:30 Elevenses, CC (Gnd Floor)


Sunday 4 February:

10:45 Main Celebration

Feet 4 the Street  






Liam, Andrea and Henry would like to invite you to an evening of fine puddings, auction of talents and items and fun. They are raising money for their mission trip to Sicily in March 2018 as part of their Form year. 

Working with refugees and displaced families, they will be serving an established project there. 

The night will be on Friday 2nd February. Please put the date and your diary. We hope you can come! 

We are also looking for talents/promises and items to auction. Please let Liam know ASAP if you willing to donate something. 



An invitation to join the Daniel Fast.


Last year over a 100 of us from Burlington joined with many from ICC to fast, pray and worship through the first three weeks of the year. It was an amazing time with God coming close to so many, speaking clearly, healing, commissioning and encouraging. The Leadership felt it was a fantastic way to start the year and therefore invite you to join in again.

There are many ways to fast.


We would like you to fast in the way that is appropriate for you. Perhaps you would like to join the in the Daniel Fast as outlined on   www.burlingtonbaptist.org.uk/danielfast

However, it may be more useful for you to fast from your favourite past-time, a habit such as computer games or TV or one element of your diet such as caffeine or alcohol. Decide what you are going to do, tell someone else to hold you accountable and shape the fast in a way that helps you to position yourself to hear from God and grow. 


There are a number of touchpoints again which you can find on the webpage or here:





Friday 19 January

7:30-9:00 pm - Worship night


Sunday 21 January

10:45 am - Sunday Morning Services

Burlington & IIC

Monday 22 January

9:30-10:30 am - Worship


Wednesday 24 January

12:30-1:30 pm - Worship & prayer


Friday 26 January

7:30-9:00 pm Worship night


Sunday 28 January

11:00 am Praise party Celebration
followed by CAKE!



Whatever type of fast you choose to do can we encourage you to join the closed Facebook group where daily encouragement and support will be offered. There will also be a bible study resource available on the mentioned webpage.


Let’s really begin this year by giving God our whole life, listening to his voice and seeking his will. 


Please get in touch with Claire, Simon or Liam if you need any more information.




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