Preface...The Story

Teaching Series:  Christmas 2010

Advent is a time of getting ready.
As we prepare for Christmas we think about what it means to be ready for the coming of Jesus. In John 1 Jesus is described as “The Word.” He is God’s message to us in all its fullness.

We are also going to use this time to get ready for The Word to come to us everyday. Next year is devoted to "The Story" and we will learn together to hear God speak to us from His Word, the Bible. I believe Jesus will come to us daily as we read and listen in 2011. It’s time to get ready.

Senior Minister 
The Word is Light Surrounded by messages, we constantly make choices in the dark. We need the light of God's Word Simon Harris 19 Dec 2010
The Word must be lived Reading, and even understanding, the bible is not enough. Even though many things get in the way it is vital to live the Word.

The video mentioned can be seen on youtube at
John 1:14-18, James 1:19-25)
Claire Earl 12 Dec 2010
The Word must be heard It's easy to fall into traps while reading the bible, and fail to hear God's personal word to you. This talk describes practical, powerful ways to get the best from daily bible reading
Psalm 119:33-48)
Simon Harris 05 Dec 2010
The Word brings Life The written word of the Bible always points to the Living Word of Jesus. We need to look, listen and live God's word every day
John 1:1-14)
Simon Harris 28 Nov 2010