Summer at Burlington 2018

Teaching Series: Summer 2018

Jesus loved eating meals! The book of Luke for example shows us a Jesus who is either going to a meal, having a meal, leaving a meal or talking about food. This summer our video teaching series will be called a Meal with Jesus. We will be considering what we can learn from Jesus and the way he used the table. Each Monday a new video will be produced with short teaching on our theme of the week. There will also be a weekly challenge for you to engage with individually, with your small group/community or your neighbourhood. 

You can find the teaching here: 

Over the summer we would love to encourage you to slow down, rest, and enjoy some time with God speaking to you. Our Sunday services will continue at 10.45am but will be slightly shorter and more inclusive of the family. We have no children’s groups over the summer enabling our kids church teachers to have a rest too. We also encourage everyone to connect with each other through the week, after all the evenings are lighter, the summer hopefully will be sunnier and most ‘normal’ meetings will not be happening. 

We look forward to learning together through this summer. Remember we are the church when we gather together AND when we are scattered to the ends of the earth. Let’s keep praying for each other and hanging out together this summer. 

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Simon Harris             Claire Earl

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[Summer Sundays]SOAP on Luke 24:13-35 Simon walks us through a SOAP study on Luke Chapter 13
(Reading: Luke 24:13-35)
Simon Harris 26 Aug 2018
[Summer Sundays]The Meal The Meal
(Reading: Luke 22:7-20)
Simon Harris 19 Aug 2018
[Summer Sundays]To Each One Grace Has Been Given To Each One Grace Has Been Given
(Reading: Ephesians 4:1-13)
Simon Cockshutt 12 Aug 2018
[Summer Sundays]Jesus is Coming Back Jesus is Coming Back
(Reading: Matthew 24:36-44)
Liam Rutter 05 Aug 2018
[Summer Sundays]Gods Waiting Room God's Waiting Room
(Reading: Habakkuk 1:1-11)
Henry Matter 29 Jul 2018
[SummerSundays]Paraclesis Paraclesis
(Reading: Mark 6:30-44)
Simon Scott 03 Sep 2017
[SummerSundays]Let Us Pray Let Us Pray
(Reading: Hebrews 10:16-25)
Jane Hewson 27 Aug 2017
[SummerSundays]Living As A Friend Of Jesus Living As A Friend Of Jesus
(Reading: John 15:1-17)
Simon Cockshutt 20 Aug 2017
[SummerSundays]Me, Jesus and Talitha Koum Me, Jesus and Talitha Koum
(Reading: Mark 5:22-43)
Ken Donaldson (Talitha Koum) 13 Aug 2017
[SummerSundays]All Things All Things
(Reading: Isaiah 61:1-7 )
Alan Cutting 06 Aug 2017
[SummerSundays]Journeying with the Father Journeying with the Father
(Reading: Matthew 6:9 )
David Baker 30 Jul 2017
[SummerSundays]Hope Hope
(Reading: John 20:19-29)
Simon Cockshutt 23 Jul 2017