The Shepherd's Detox

Sunday Mornings - Summer 2007

People pay a fortune to spend a few days away at an exclusive spa resort where a body detox is an essential part of the treatment offered. 
But what about a detox for the soul? 
This is exactly what Psalm 23, the most famous of all the Psalms, offers us. 
Join with us week by week as we revisit these well-worn ancient words and discover their huge relevance for us today.  Every way we turn there are toxins that poison the soul.  None of us escape these stresses and strains.  We all need the refreshing of our souls, and the reviving of our hearts.  We all need The Shepherd’s Detox.
Fear of the Future Faith for the Future
(Reading: Psalm 103:1-22)
Revd Simon Harris 08 Jul 2007
Broken Relationships Giving GRACE to those
who give you GRIEF!
(Reading: 1 Samuel 24:1-22)
Revd Simon Harris 01 Jul 2007
Difficult Times We will SURVIVE & SOAR!
(Reading: Psalm 31:1-8)
Revd Simon Harris 24 Jun 2007
Indecision A - Admit we need a Guide
B - Begin to listen to His voice
C - Concede to God's ways
(Reading: John 10:1-15)
Revd Simon Harris 10 Jun 2007
Damaged Emotions Three Toxic emotions:
grief, guilt & grudges
(Reading: Psalm 42:1-11)
Revd Simon Harris 20 May 2007
Busyness R E L A X
(Reading: Psalm 23:1-6)
Revd Simon Harris 13 May 2007
Worry Worry is more about us than our circumstances
(Readings: 1 Samuel 17:4-11, 1 Samuel 17:16-24, 1 Samuel 17:32-50)
Revd Simon Harris 29 Apr 2007