The Truth About...

Sunday Morning Sermon Series - Summer 2006

In this new series, our senior minister, Simon Harris, will revisit some of the fundamental truths of our faith and show how they impact our lives both now and in the future.     
Do join us week by week.
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The Truth about the Second Coming of Jesus A promise yet to be fulfilled.
A provision already made.
A purpose to be fulfilled
(Reading: Acts 1:1-11)
Revd Simon Harris 09 Jul 2006
The Truth about Hell The Truth about Hell - What does the Bible say?
(Reading: Luke 16:19-31)
Revd Simon Harris 02 Jul 2006
The Truth about Life The Truth about Life
Where can we find this GREAT Life?
(Reading: John 10:1-10)
Revd Simon Harris 25 Jun 2006
The Truth about Heaven The Truth about Heaven
(Reading: Revelation 21:1-14)
Revd Simon Harris 11 Jun 2006
The Truth about Jesus The Truth about Jesus
(Reading: Matthew 16:13-20)
Revd Simon Harris 04 Jun 2006
The Truth about the Church A past - and a future!
(Reading: Ephesians 3:14-21)
Revd Simon Harris 21 May 2006
The Truth about Salvation Who is saved? What does that mean?
(Reading: Ephesians 2:1-22)
Revd Simon Harris 07 May 2006
The Truth about the Gospel What is the good news? Where do I find it?
(Reading: Romans 1:1-16)
Revd Simon Harris 30 Apr 2006