The Unexpected

Teaching Series: Christmas 2012

Most of life is made up of the familiar. We have plans and routines and usually things turn out the way we expect. Then, suddenly, often without warning, something totally unexpected happens. We are stopped in our tracks. Our attention is grabbed. We are forced to take note. And then as the dust settles the inevitable question rises: why? Why has this happened? Why did it turn out like this?

Discover with us The Unexpected Christmas and dare to ask why?

Simon Harris, Senior Minister





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A Unexpected Reality For most of his life on earth Jesus lived in quiet Nazareth, not by accident, but by God's purpose
(Reading: Matthew 2:13-23)
Simon Harris 30 Dec 2012
An Unexpected Name The name of Jesus was common enough in His time, but it's meaning was extraordinary.
(Reading: Matthew 1:18:21)
Simon Harris 25 Dec 2012
Unexpected Visitors After His birth, Jesus was visited by Shepherds and by Magi from "The East" Simon Harris 24 Dec 2012
An Unexpected Bed A manger is an unexpected bed, but it's deeper than that. Simon Harris 23 Dec 2012
An Unexpected Place Even in familiar stories, the unexpected is significant. Did anyone expect the place of Christ's birth?
(Reading: Luke 2:1-7)
Simon Harris 17 Dec 2012

Sunday 16th
10:45am - An Unexpected Place

Sunday 23rd
10:45am - An Unexpected Bed
6:30pm - Unexpected Visitors

Christmas Day
10:00am - An Unexpected Name

Sunday 30th
10:45am - An Unexpected Reality