your story, my story, his story

Main Teaching Theme - New Year 2008

Everyone has a story. 

For many the real story of their lives is marked by disappointment, fear and a general confusion about what life is really all about.  In contrast, God’s story is one of love for this hurting, broken world, a story of his coming to rescue us, to bring us hope for now and the future.

How then do we help people discover God’s story?  The answer: our story

Our story connects with their story because we know what it is like to be disappointed, confused and fearful.  But our story also connects with God’s story because of what we have discovered in him.  Therefore our story helps connect their story with God’s story.

Please join us week by week and discover the buzz of connecting.

"Your story, my story, his story" "Share my Story"
When you get an open door ... share your story!
(Readings: Acts 21:40-40, Acts 22:1-16)
Revd Simon Harris 03 Feb 2008
"Your story, my story, his story" Hear Their Story - we have two ears and one mouth, so listen to others stories first.
(Reading: Colossians 4:2-6)
Revd Simon Harris 27 Jan 2008
"Your story, my story, his story" Know God's Story
(Readings: 1 John 2:28-29, 1 John 3:1-6)
Revd Simon Harris 13 Jan 2008
"Your Story, My Story, His Story" A Story Telling People
(Reading: Mark 5:1-20)
Revd Simon Harris 06 Jan 2008